sugar rush!

The Christmas season tends to get pretty indulgent for me.  Between treats brought into work daily and annual must-have confections at home with family my sweet-tooth goes into overdrive with cravings.  Enter Sugar Bakeshop… Located on Cannon Street just west of King, this self proclaimed bite-size bakeshop has everything you could dream of and beyond to satisfy even the most intense craving.   When you open the door a waft of sweet gingerbready air fills your nostrils and you’re instantly relocated to a fantasy land of cupcakes and cookies.   Their flavors are so unique and inventive that you’ll either need to get a mixed box full of cupcakes or keep going back for repeat trips.  They even make gingerbread dog biscuits so your furry friend can enjoy an afternoon sweet with you.   Sugar Bakeshop





I went for the hazelnut cupcake, and Wellie got two gingerbread Christmas cookies


He is one happy little guy eagerly munching down his stocking-shaped cookie.


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enter here for happiness

“you must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.” [Thoreau] 

photo 2

I’m blessed to be able to spend a little time almost every day of the week at Sullivan’s. Perhaps the grammatically correct way to state that would be “on Sullivan’s,” but whenever someone asks where I am or what I am up to, my response is always “at Sullivan’s.”

Specifically, I mean that I am on the beach, typically with Augustus (if dog hours allow it!). Here are a few of my favorite beach paths…

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

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you’ve got mail

Now that I’m living far away from most of my friends I’m finding that keeping in touch is very important and thus, my desire to send out holiday cards is greater.   Being the design nerd that I am, I’m not happy just sending out any run-of-the-mill card that you can pick up at the local hallmark.   When I open up my mailbox there is no greater joy than seeing a pretty and unique card in amongst that stack of bills.  (No pressure, friends!)  There really is a delightful feeling about snail-mail that emails simply cannot replicate.  So, I did a little poking around through my favorite letterpress companies and designers and found some options that I would love to either send out or receive.   And, friends… one of these is my chosen winner, so check those mailboxes in the next week!

holiday cards

1.  Carrot and Stick Press does these great little graphic patterned cards.  simple and chic.

2. I love everything Rifle Paper Co creates, but this mouse king from the Nutcracker is by far my favorite

3. The simplicity and graphic shapes of Snow and Graham’s card grabbed my attention.

4. MoMa Design Store can always be counted on to do fun, innovative things with cards.  When you open this card three skiing reindeer pop up.

5. I’m a sucker for a good laser cut-out.  This card by Mark and Graham is intricate and delicate.

6. Jessica Hische has long been a favorite designer of mine.  Her hand-drawn typography is so pretty and clever.  She’s collaborated with Paperless Post to create cards that are just fabulous enough that I’d consider being lazy and sending all my holiday cards out online!

7. Happy Elfing Holidays.  ‘Nuff said…

8. Kate Spade’s Three French Hens is humorous in a subtle yet cutting way.  Just my  kind of humor.  Ps.  the inside reads: “and a partridge in a pear tree”  perfection.  Available in Kate Spade stores.

9. If you’re throwing a party, Iomoi’s invitation would definitely invoke a “yes” RSVP out of me…

Lastly, Le Pens... I cannot imagine a world without these little wonders.  They come in amazing colors, make your handwriting look about a bazillion times nicer, and flow so nicely on paper that I bet you’d stop sending emails all together!

Happy Writing!


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white point garden

One of my favorite places to walk with the little guy is White Point Gardens along the Battery.   The large park is home to gorgeous oak trees, palms and quite an interesting collection of military artifacts and a pretty bandstand in the middle.   Walking under the shade of the oaks is real respite from the heat during summer months, and in the winter the oaks filter the sunlight creating pretty patterns on the oyster shell pathways.   Often times you’ll be witness to a wedding in the bandstand, or become one of the many people who enjoy picnics in the grass, or simply just sitting down to enjoy the view of the surrounding large homes and sailboats breezing by.   Any way you choose to enjoy these beautiful gardens, you’re in for a treat.






Wellie just loves playing in the grass here.  There’s something about salt air blowing his ears and the smell of grass that is irresistible to pups!



Obligatory selfie in the park..


This photo was taken in the spring, but I love the brightly colored flowers bordering the tangle of oak branches.


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thumbnail thursday – holiday wreaths

Recently I’ve been drawn to holiday wreaths that break from the traditional norm and do something a little different.    I’ve seen many around hung on doors and gates around town that use magnolia leaves, which I think is a lovely nod to southern style.  Another nod to the south that I’m mad for right now is throwing in a little cotton into the wreath.   When mixed with fruits and berries it’s quite a dazzling look!




photo 1

I love how this wreath coordinates with the color of the door

photo 2

IMG_2390 IMG_2391



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wellie’s letter to santa

This is going to be Wellie’s first Christmas, so as any young pup should expect, he will have a stocking bursting with goodies and treats.    Below is a list of gifts I imagine he would be begging for if he had the ability to speak and paw through (pun intended) catalogs and websites.


1.  I love this Serena and Lily dog bed.  It gives the little man a comfy place to snooze while maintaining style for my home.

2.  Another gift for him that I get to enjoy:  this vintage style tin of dog biscuits is so pretty.  I can imagine it being re-purposed as a cute makeup brush holder when he’s finished munching down the cookies.  And, as a bonus Harry Barker is a local Charleston based company.

3.  Wellie wants a mommy and me Barbour coat.  I just know it…

4.  Jonathan Adler’s puppy uppers food canister is too funny for words.

5.  The Duke of Wellington must have a tartan collar.  It’s so festive and celebrates his “heritage” at the same time.

6.  Wellie loves taking showers, and this yummy smelling oatmeal shampoo by Isle of Dogs will help keep his coat soft and smelling delicious.

7.  Wellie certainly has a taste for the finer things in life.  #purebredissues  So, a sharp looking penguin toy with fancy feet would suit him just fine.

8.  I’m sorry, but I had to include Sniff’s Fart and Away pet candle…  Firstly, because I cannot help but giggle uncontrollably every time I see it, and secondly, I bet that thing is actually pretty useful…

9.  Lastly, the stocking.  I got his from LL Bean.  He’s not a true LL Bean lab puppy, but he’s just as fluffy and cute.


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The antlers displease him greatly…

festival of lights

Over the weekend Wellie and I met up with my family to drive through James Island County Park’s Festival of Lights.  This three mile drive is a dazzling spectacle of light displays and Christmas spirit.   It seemed that at every turn in the road there was something that invoked oohs and ahhs from everyone; except for Wellie who was happily snoozing in my lap after day romping around the beach.  There were tunnels of lights to drive under, a flock of pink flamingos, a Charleston single home made entirely of lights, and so many others.  Once you’re done driving through the lights you can park and check out Santas Village and walk through a Winter Wonderland of lights.   If you’re in the Charleston area this holiday season I encourage you to get in the car and take a look.   At $15 per car it’s a great deal. for more information check out:

IMG_2272 IMG_2275 IMG_2279

tick tock, the mouse ran up the clock

IMG_2288 IMG_2294 IMG_2296 IMG_2297 IMG_2299 IMG_2301


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thumbnail thursday – window boxes

Window boxes are a kind of fine art here in Charleston.  Each one is manicured and styled so that they don’t look too purposeful and obvious, but have a natural perfection about them. These horticultural gems liven up the home and provide year-round burst of color.  After I’ve mastered cooking, as mentioned the other day, I will attempt to awaken my inner green thumb.  Although, judging by my planters on the piazza; i have quite a bit of work to do!  For now, i’ll just enjoy other peoples green thumbs!

IMG_0867 IMG_0873 IMG_1060 IMG_3679

IMG_1216 IMG_1920 IMG_2136 IMG_2211


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christmas is all around us

Although the temperature is in the 70’s here in Charleston, and I’ve spotted bulbs sprouting out of the ground, pretty wreaths adorning doors and lamp posts suggest that it is in fact Christmas season.   As we count down the days ’til Christmas on our advent calendars, and chomp down that little piece of chocolate hidden inside that little flap door – you know that’s what really gets you out of bed in the morning!– it’s fun to take a look around and see everyone getting into the festive spirit with decorations.  Christmas is my favorite holiday namely because it’s a great excuse to decorate everything with ribbons, sparkly lights, tinsel, and pretty much anything you can think of to dress up your home.  It’s also a time to really stretch your creative legs, if you will.  Beyond decorating your house, gift-wrapping is a fun way to get in the holiday spirit.  Every year I come up with a theme for my wrapping – yes, i’m that nerdy about it – and things tend to get pretty ornate.  I’ll do a post later about wrapping ideas, but for now, I encourage you all to take the time, look around you and notice all of the homes and buildings around you dressed up for that most wonderful time of year.  You may even get a few ideas and be inspired to decorate your own home!






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